Rewind services are available for a broad range of pickups. Whether you have a vintage pickup that needs restoring or you are simply looking to change the sound of an existing pickup, we welcome you to send the pickup(s) to our facility.

Our head pickup winder, Mike Jam, is experienced and well-respected in the pickup community. He has rewound countless vintage pickups, restoring them to their original specifications. If you require rewind services for a vintage pickup, Mike will personally match the original coil recreate what once was.

Rewind Pricing

  • Single Coils: $39.99
  • P-90 Pickups: $44.99
  • Humbuckers: $59.99

Prices are subject to change depending on what type of coil wire or other additional materials the pickup requires. We make every effort to repair and save the original coil if possible. This avoids unnecessary rewinds.

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